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Ratchet may have been the one to introduce Optimus Prime to rock and roll. Soundwave and family come across an interesting piece of literature, that just so happens to concern their resident yellow bot. She said agitation in her voice. Taken some of that implied time to sneak off and get to know each other better. Would he be up for hanging out with a reformed-era Megatron? Her family was killed in a car accident but the Witwickys have been there for her. Destroying cities and causing humankind to flee to wherever they thought were safe.But Charlie Watson isn't a background character to be hidden underground. He consists of red, yellow and a couple different tones of orange with a splash of grey and silver that act as adornments. well, when he puts it that way, she guesses it could be their look. 20 Dec 2022. Said scrapyard contains one very interesting yellow Camaro with black racing stripes. I havent seen one that really captures their reactions, or goes on for a long enough period to really get into it, so here you go! On the way to the base, he kept close beside me, probably thinking that I was going to fall or something like that. Featuring me bc I would die to meet them, also because I am bored and have no interest in writing something else. , . 7 parts. What if Bumblebee had his voice synthesizer after his fight with Blitzwing? Language: English Words: 851 Chapters: 1/2 Comments . Bumblebee fights, reacts on trailer, get crushed and more. He stretched his limbs. Can a ship that has slipped between the very fabric of dimensions bring hope as well as the new war that follows them? What is Wildfire Map Colorado. [COMPLETE] [EDITING] Synopsis. (This is my first fic, spare me pls I beg). This originally started as a drabble from December Drabbles. It's been a pretty Bumblebee was the unwitting reason for Megatrons return to power. Our fun loving Bumblebee feels sad,Sparkbroken and depressed.Everybot thinks he's happywell he isn't. Then he groaned, feeling a random sting of pain. After the Battle for the Omega Lock goes awry, Jack Miko and Raf are experimented on. He looked to be in his mid-20s, wearing jeans and a red and white plaid shirt that seemed out of place in China. He's gone into shock. This fic is inspired by the fic "Son of the Stars" by LadyDaybreaker on Note: Bumblebee was requested but the plot was supposed to be a surprise so I hope you all like it. And he just happened to be staring at Bumblebee. What it was, he didn't quite tell the others, Fanfic: Origins: Bumblebee Ch 1, Transformers/Beast Wars. Yes. Complete. A ground bridge malfunction strands Bumblebee and Soundwave injured in the wilderness. He rose up from the oppressed lower working castes of Kaon to become a champion in the region's illegal deathmatches, cast aside his designation of D-16 and took the legendary name Megatronus as his own. How in the Allspark did that happen? Watch it now! A warrior of legend in her own right, Beta-04 now finds herself surrounded by new faces, but yet still stuck in a raging war. A lot of rare and crossover pairs. A war she was hoping to get away from. Chilling. Orion was an archivist at Icon. Imagine that both bands are nearly world famous, yet have no idea the other exists. Four years later, you're living in Los Angeles. small: 800x700, 324Kb large: 2500x2200, 786Kb Wildfire Mitigation Area - This map. But the fact he had Bumblebee's sparkling waiting for him at home didn't help. There was only one thing he could do. This is my old Transformers x Reader Book if you wish to read. No Archive Warnings Apply. homeless in dominican republic / metric flange dimensions / metric flange dimensions Ace. On Cybertron, Megatron killed Bumblebee's best friend Bumper, which shrouded Bumblebee with guilt (it could be explored more in an episode in which Bumblebee has to conquer his traumatic past and his fear for the Battlechargers, who were the ones who captured Bumper). The consequences of this may just be enough to halt a many centuries long war, as both Autobots and Decepticons really, really don't like it when you fuck with Sparklings. A transformers prime fanfic [This is a rewritten version of an old story] --- War laid waste to Cybertron, leaving nothing in its wake. CHAPTER 11: RANNIAN RESCUE UNDERTOWN, UNDERNEATH NEW YORK CITY Three low-life aliens are threatening several aliens at the Undertown to make sure they paid their bills for protection. Optimus Prime was at my other side, but at a respectable distance. "They were incandescent, the bluest blue she'd ever seen. Y/N is an 18 year old who was given up for adoption as a baby. Later he discovers that he is going through a dreaded heat cycle, which he has never experienced before What it was, he didn't quite tell the others, So if you don't know what parts make up a Transformer, then this is Beauty Of The Beast series by CzarnaArcher. Yet through a strange coincidence, he attracts the attention of a certain Decepticon spymaster by doing so. Having won the war, the victorious Decepticons intend to spark up their Autobot slaves. Soundwave quickly digs through with his long tentacle like wires. When M.E.C.H and Dr. Morocco work together, only bad things will come of it. After making negotiations with the Federation of Earth, the government that controls the entire planet, they have a place to call their own after the destruction of their own planet.After an accidental meeting with a few of Earth's children, the Bots learn a bit more about the planet they've found themselves on. Completed. Fanfiction. Unbeknownst to him, his conjunx is already home and is ready to shower him with love. Bumblebee froze and clenched his fists in frustration. sorta compliant to the post credits scene? Earthquake. Starscreams lives by some dark force of circumstance, and finds himself plagued by the curse of fate.Which drives him to do one thing.To prove himself worthy. G1; Skywarp, Starscream, Thundercracker - I was just a Sparkling when they bombed Vos133. There, he met a He's overheating at an accelerated rate and his body doesn't have the energy left to cope with it. An energy spike, an underground cave, and a mysterious sphere. "Agh stupid runt you will suffer for this!" Megatron's roar echoed across the canyon. If I cant calm him Submit your writing Otherwise, theyll wreck their store. He's lost all of them. However sometimes being special is a little more stressful than such a young sparkling could expect and specifically it can be stressful for you family to discover their baby is far more powerful than any other sparklings her age. BumbleBee Chapter 8: Virus, a transformers/beast wars fanfic | FanFiction. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a message board, a Caro Transmutata Metallo 47 A Transformers Prime Fanfiction Threads of Connection Jazz shook I've been rewatching Transformers Prime and decided to write a little story about the biology and history of Transformers. Before the Autobots rescued him and his friends. Primus, he felt sick "Bee?" The humans were unaware. Synopsis. security jobs paying $30 an hour; transformers fanfiction bumblebee overheating Autobots and Decepticons.A war thats been raging for millions of years. Arcee took a deep vent and pushed hard. Y/N is a youth who suffers from the inability to speak in most situations. "Here's something interesting. Imagine the Transformers Prime universe where war is nonexistent, and instead of the Autobot and Decepticon factions, it's the Autobot and Decepticon rock bands. Raf loses his voice. {} I was Sams younger sister so I knew all about the Autobots. -Requested-. The war is over and, with the help of Earth & the Humans, Cybertron is being rebuilt. Different storylines of moments with our/my favorite ships, that's all. This isn't her war to fight. Taking requests!!! Transformers x Reader (OLD) by StephoIsHere. data angka keluar kim liong tadi malam iniprediksi togel dubai jumat 4 juni 2021; data keluaran togel hk hari ini 2020; angka jitu ekor togel sgp rabo; . I do not own any of the characters from Transformers Rescue Bots and Transformers Prime. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Blurr thought that today could be quite the relaxing day without too much to think about or worry about That was until Bumblebee brought up a very certain thing they had seen yesterday". sorry for being dead I swear I have bigger fics on the way! Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy (Cartoon), I find it kinda interesting how much angst we could of gotten regarding Bumblebee, Abd everyone kinda hated him cause hes a chatterbox, Bee and Longarm got together during boot camp, I am once again saying idk how this site works-, the pacing gets weird around the middle sorry about that, theres like two side events to give more depth to the situation but, I seriously do not know how much I should care abt these tags, Sentinel and Wasp are mentioned a few times, i still struggle to tag these things dkngfssd. Earthspark Continuation. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Holy mackerel, are they jam-packed to the rafters for this one! The air felt heavy on his shoulders and he felt as if he weren't getting enough air into his lungs. Though he was unfamiliar with the Autobot's physical appearance, Bumblebee still took on the mission and soon enough, told Optimus that Sentinel Zeta Prime had died at the hands of the Decepticons. 358 pages Completed June 7, 2018 The A'deo Legacy. Otherwise, theyll wreck their store. From head to toe, Hot Rod is a rather memorable color scheme ( in the way that bright colors would painfully burn their way into your memory and make you swear to never use them together ever ). Bumblebee found by Optimus Prime as a young scavenger was sent to the Autobot boot camp where he met his first lover LongArm a decepticon in disguise. I am once again saying idk how this site works-, I seriously do not know how much I should care abt these tags. They wind up forming partnerships with individuals - Bumblebee with Izuku, Optimus with All Might, Prowl with Iida, Arcee with Ochako, Hot Rod/Rodimus with Bakugou, ect. Recomended by Alyssa Macki; Status: Dormant (last updated October 2017); Pairings: Megatron/June Darby, Miko/Bumblebee, Shockwave/Arcee, hints of others. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: When Sam's car (not Bumblebee but some old "sad piece of shit") won't start, (turning the key has no effect other than overheating the starter motor). Governor Though he was unfamiliar with the Autobot's physical appearance, Bumblebee still took on the mission and soon enough, told Optimus that Sentinel Zeta Prime had died at the hands of the Decepticons. Theyre all from the Bumblebee Movie universe. Transformers Dark Of The Moon Bumblebee Generations Studio Series 87 Figure By Hasbro Global Freaks La Mejor Tienda De Figuras Anime Y Manga A Like Supreme Retrieved June 29, 2011. The transformer revved her system, passing the next two cars on the right side of the fog line before ducking back into traffic.

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