what to wear to a concert in your 30s

Because going to concerts has been some of my favorite memories, I don't want to look back and remember how wrongly dressed I was. The Everygirls product selections are curated by the editorial team. 7. For added interest, Im sure you know by now that Im a huge fan of asymmetry. love it. You can choose to make a ponytail and carry a leather purse. HieasyFit cotton turtleneck top SweatyRockswrap midi leather skirt Aerosoles slip-on loafer Trendeology leopard crossbody bag Karine Sultan drop earrings. Leave teeny-tiny cutoffs behindwe're major fans of cool high-waisted styles instead. Your IP: 1. When in doubt, wear sneakers! Luckily, weve done that for you below and collected some of the best concert outfit ideas. Even Paris Hilton usually stays true to her style, wearing four-inch stilettos in the desert. Floral top + relaxed jeans + fun sunnies View this post on Instagram A post shared by Delaney (@delaneychilds) Mango Printed Crop Top Shop now Zara Floral Printed Top Shop now Abercrombie & Fitch Relaxed Jeans Shop now Mango Baguette Bag Shop now Aire or promote through one of our, why shouldn't your style evolve accordingly, nothing is truly off-limits, no matter your age. Whether its jazz on the square, a relaxed show at your favorite outdoor amphitheater, or your favorite pop stars stadium tour (Taylor Swift, were waiting), theres just something about getting with your friends and seeing your favorite music on a hot summer nightbut theres always a little panic involved when trying to figure out what to actuallywearto a concert. If youre going to a country concert, opt for softer, earthier colors like rusty red or sky blue, and pair it with your best cowboy boots. Look for shapes and cuts that complement your body shape. You can mix and match the tops and bottoms to get more outfit combinations. If you want to add a touch of the unexpected to your outfit, you could always wear your t-shirt with a skirt rather than as the expected jeans and tee combination. AMAZON SKIRT | CUTS TEE (code MERRICKSART for 15% off) | SIMILAR SANDALS | CREAM SWEATER. For adventures vibes, buy yourself a cowboy hat. It's common for 30 plus women to wear these trendy pointed-toe pumps and kitten heels. Protect your skin with this handy SPF tube ($19). My mom and Grannie make it every year after Thanksgiving, and it's comfort food at it's finest! Remember when a then 36-year-old Beyonc in custom Balmain gloriously forced us to rename the concert #Beychella? It makes all the difference. or promote through one of our, I was 14 when I went to my first proper music festival, which makes it20 years Ive been attending them. While some concerts may call for rock-inspired graphic tees or ripped jeans, others may call for a more dressed-up attire. Professional Cameras, Tripods, and Drones. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. By the age of 30, you know exactly what you like and what makes you feel great. As far as your shoes go, espadrilles are key for long lasting comfort. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. Try topping simple jean cutoffs and a T-shirt with a statement topper. However, I'm all for the socks and sandals look or canvas high-tops if you know the weather is going to be good.. This lace bodysuit and low rise jeans would match up with a white satin duster. Your One-Stop Guide to the Paris Fall 2023 Fashion Week Calendar, Our March Dress Edit Is Your One-Stop Shop for Spring Fashion, Planning a Getaway? Be sure to check out all my tips on how to wear leggings. This weekend you can spot me taking in Snoh Aalegras set in a Cult Gaia knit dress and pretty strappy sandals. Puffer + Sweater + Miniskirt + Over-the-Knee Boots. A pretty blouse is also a good option, but don't go wearing your best work one. But in our thirties, we are almost done with the arbitrary choices and experimenting so we tend to find the best thing that fits on us. Write down important contact information on paper (in case you lose your phone) and let someone know where youll be. How else are you going to buy refreshments without your purse? I'll be the first one to admit that I've worn uncomfortable shoes to a rock show which ruined the whole experience, especially because it was general admission and people were ready to mosh. And if youre not going to a concert any time soon, these outfits are great for many other occasions where you can to look youthful and hip. The opera is a beautiful experience, but there's nothing more thrilling than shoving your body against a stranger to hear the music better. Casual orchestra outfits ideas. Boots help to offset shorter hems on dresses but you can add additional coverage and opt for a long sleeve mini dress too. Id love to see some ideas for warmer weather concert wear! 16 Best Banarasi Saree Designs: How to Wear a Banarsi Saree? So I had to come up with some other ideas that were actually wearable for us. If you wear glasses, consider wearing contacts to the concert instead. We recommendpairing crochet with something structured to give it a more fashion-forward feel. I've come up with a few guidelines, as well as some great outfits, to help. If you need more ideas on what to wear to Coachella, below youll find those and more outfits to inspire you this year. Especially if it's summer and especially if the concert is outside. Smuggling in outside food is a big no no. Create an account . Two of the most classic fabrics, denim, and leather are often perfect choices for any concert outfit because they have a slightly worn-in and rocker-esque feeling to them. It makes all the difference. You wont want to wear the same outfit for a rock concert, for example, as you might to a country music gig. The Germany based blogger in her 40s, Claudia whos the mastermind behind glam up your lifestyle blog captures the eyes of everyone wearing this formal black suit. Layers are essential when the concerts are outside, and, a knit. If you are going to walk and need comfortable flat shoes, you are free to wear any type of sneakers or slippers, especially athletic kicks. Get her look with this similar tee, moto jacket, jeans, booties and backpack. Heres your ultimate concert checklist: This is an obvious one, but its a good reminder! What was the last concert you went to? If you are looking for a comfortable streetwear style, opt for a black shirt and white trousers or a pink blouse with ripped pants. Together with a cross-body bag, this is how you dress carefree for the symphony orchestra. Dont bring bags that are too big. Even though it feels annoying to carry an extra piece of clothing around, and even if you lose it in the crowd, youll be glad you brought it because all that sweaty dancing you'll be doing might turn into what feels like cold rain dripping down your body. If you hate spending time trying to find exactly what pairs together and how to make pieces look cohesive, a one-piece can be a lifesaver when trying to put together an outfit. Before getting into specific outfit suggestions, lets take a look at what to consider when dressing for a concert: It goes without saying that you dont want to be uncomfortable anywhere you go. Its advisable to buy handbags in bigger sizes so you can carry all your important stuff. A band tee meets those requirements exactly. The first weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival was picture perfect. That being said, as we all get older, we learn from our mistakes (including a terrible sunburn or two). For a trendier look, throw on a pair of chunky sneakers and tall socks. Free People Daisy Jane Bomber $168 Shop Now Available in sizes XS to L. Overalls Photo: @natalieoffduty The best festival looks are equal parts practical and chic. Deborah @deborahgates_ above (read her style interview here) wears her jeans with peep toe booties. Summer is around the corner and we will be visiting the pool or the beach after a long time. Wear a puffer to the concert, and remove it when ready to reveal an on-trend turtleneck, miniskirt, and knee-high boot outfit. Here are some cute outdoor concert outfit ideas for you to copy for a fun night this summer! Band Tees & Floral Skirts Check out this fun and edgy combination. Before the concert, download a few handy apps that will enhance the experience. First, with many more people around you, the air gets very hot very quickly and sooner than later you will probably be opting to take off that jacket. Were headed to an indie concert this summer and a graphic tee with a skirt (or shorts) and some cool shoes is a fun combo. But remember the Palm Springs desert is known to get a little chilly in the evening, so be prepared by wrapping a cardigan around your waist. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . While you'll need to grab a pac-a-mac if it rains, your feet will remain nice and dry., 5. As regular concertgoers, we know every show has its typical attire: a jean jacket, jeans, sneakers, and a band tee. You can add a small heel, accessories, or a cute belt to tie the outfit together without trying too hard. 20 Maternity Skirt Outfits, Zoom Meeting Outfits | 16 Best Outfits for Virtual Meetings, Womens Pleated Jeans Outfits- 15 Ways to Wear Pleated Jeans, Outfits Making Website-Top 13 Sites To Create Outfits Online, Kurtis With Palazzo Pants 27 Ways to Wear Palazzo & Kurtis, Outfits with Boot Cut Jeans 26 Ways to Wear Bootcut Jeans, 25 Stylish Indian Street style Fashion Ideas For Women, 24 Smart Outfits for Men Over 50 | Fashion Ideas and Trends, Tomboy Outfits How to Dress Like Tomboy & 15 Outfit Ideas, 30 Most Popular Dubai Street Style Fashion Ideas, 200 Romantic Muslim Couples Pics Islamic Wedding Pictures, 16 Cute outfits to wear in Paris Chic Ideas What To Wear, Fall Outfit Ideas-20 Best Fall Clothing Fashion Tips, 20 Awesome Outfit Ideas for Black Women this Season, 12 Best Plus Size Pants For Curvy Women To Buy This Year, 20 Celebrity Outfits on a Budget That You Can Recreate Easily, 24 Cute Summer Date Outfits for 2023 For A Chic Look, 17 Cute Holiday Outfits For Teenage Girls To Try this Season, Camo Pants Outfits for Women-20 Ways to Wear Camouflage Pants, Outfits With Blue Jeans 30 Ways To Wear Womens Blue Jeans, Best Summer Coffee Shop Outfits for Women to Wear This Year, How to Wear Doc Martens? If you are going to walk and need comfortable flat shoes, you are free to wear any type of sneakers or slippers, especially athletic kicks. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. An eyelet mini dress is the perfect look for a daytime show or outdoor festival. A cute floral mini or slip dress is also a great option. 2. This is the place to wear sequins. Now, heading to an outdoor concert or a weekend-long festival is a chance to wear outfits that don't only look amazing but are actually comfortable too. For a casual look, team a classic houndstooth skirt with black knee-high boots is such a cute combo for winter. While past season, the looks are timeless so should still provide you with plenty of concert-going inspiration. Nevertheless, I dont expect you to wear such teen and 20s stuff like a funky cartoon, illustrations, and animation caricatures printed T-shirts or ankle-length embroidered pants. If you wish to have a classic look, search for the right dress at the black dresses clothing racks first. Comment: Think outside of the denim-short box and reach for unexpected fabrics similar to Stauds taffeta set. Rain is always a possibility in the UK, so make sure your feet are well covered. Wear ankle-length pants to the office Now that you're 30, it's less about the skinny jeans and more about trousers with a tapered ankle. Leather jacket plus brightly coloured jeans, Style Notes: Can't bear to be parted from your beloved jeans? However, if in doubt, its always a good idea to take inspiration from the rock chick style personality. This may include jewelry, glasses, gloves, leg warmers, boots, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and costume wings. Nothing can beat a classic white tee and blue jeans. Straight hair is the most common with bold matt lipsticks. Customize an old tee for the event with some fabric paint, or try on some pastel prints to pack a punch out on the dance floor. commission from the retailer or it may be a product that we produce Glastonbury might be over, but there are plenty of other music festivals on the horizon for which outfit planning is necessary. Contents Professional Looks in Your 30s Casual Looks in Your 30s Evening Looks in Your 30s Hair and Makeup in Your 30s Dos and Don'ts Professional Looks in Your 30s A well-made, great fitting suit is a key element to the 30-something professional's wardrobe. love it. So Youve Been Laid OffHeres What to Do Next, 35 Money Questions All Newlyweds Should Ask Each Other, 10 Money Rules Women in Their 30s Should Follow, I Reinvented My Career After a LayoffHeres How, 50 Affirmations for When Work or Money Stress You TF Out, The Everygirls Spring 2023 Capsule Wardrobe, These 7 Trends Are Going to Be Everywhere This Spring, Best-Dressed Guest: What to Wear to a Spring Wedding, The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Closet, PSA: Mangos Spring Collection Could Pass as Designer, Is the Theraface Pro Worth the Hype? With so many variables like the genre of the music and the venue it will be taking place, it may often feel like it can take days before just to make your outfit selection. 3 Things I'm Doing to Be a Present and Fun Mom This Summer, Striped Shirts for Women + 12 Outfit Ideas for Wearing Them. Parking is almost always grass or gravel, and some people prefer lawn seating rather than seats, making high heels impractical. People Swear Lucky Girl Syndrome Changed Their LifeDoes It Really Work? I don't know about you, but I couldn't be more excited for the return of live music. You don't have to go over the top, but a little color never hurts! Heres a complete list of Fashion Accessories That Every Girl Should Have. If you're a minimalist at heart, a pair of crisp cargo shorts (Bassike makes a few exquisite pairs) and a classic. But, while you might be able to get away with high heels if you are sitting down to dinner, dancing at a concert may be a different matter. In order to avoid or to break this endless cycle of frustration, you have to be cautious. Feet first: You need comfort and, ideally, waterproof shoes. For a 90s style, try oversized shirts, overalls, or even a bandana top. Because most concerts have cute merch waiting to be purchased, it's important to wear something cute in the meantime. Any item that could potentially hurt you or another concert-goer, like a pointed umbrella, should be avoided. If you cant make heads or tails of which jeans to wear at that age, dark wash jeans are the best to wear always. Id also love to hear from you about what the last concert was you went to see and what you wore. Rain is always a possibility in the UK, so make sure your feet are well covered. In 2020, blazers are the most trending pieces to wear for women over 30. That's because it hasn't been filled with sweaty bodies ready to DANCE. And definitely get rid of your overalls. To keep your hands free, its best to opt for a crossbody bag. Lip gloss. The Gos does what all stylish men in their thirties should do: find a style and stick to it. Instead, we love the cool feel of a wrap midi dress. Now that youre thinking in general terms about what you would wear to a concert, here are some more specific concert outfit ideas for you: An obvious one, I know, but sometimes the old ideas are the best ones. In hot days, try this lace half sleeve white top with this summer trendy flower print ankle-length skirt. Targets clothing section for women is highly recommended doubtlessly! Thats where layering your knits can come in handy to ensure you stay cozy. Which of these is your favorite concert outfits? 22 Outfits & Packing List, How To Wear Cottagecore Outfits In 2023? In this article, I am your instructor to let you know of any omissions related to your look. The rules: 1. Curvy-women struggle to find the right cut at some point in their lives. Check them all out below! The question of what to wear to Coachella hits differently when youre a 30-something-year-old. It has affordable, sometimes really cheap and suitable clothes, average points at 3$-39$. This is a combo that is practically bullet proof and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the aesthetic of the outfit. Dress up for weddings with this cut-out side crew-neck long sleeve dress and these black high heels. Just remember to pack tights for any cold weather emergencies. Not every woman is a skinny or have a great body so these tips for me are not ever going to work! Instead, treat yourself to some of the goodies the concert venue has to offer or have a nice filling meal before the show. 8. Opt for the Minimalist Approach. Whether it's a music festival or a date with a musician at Bowery Ballroom, there are infinite possibilities for a cute outfit and infinite possibilities to have fun. If you like to go simple with your outfits, the graphic tee might be just the place to start. Im 53. Fuzzy friends are welcome at concerts if it means youll have a fun time. If you're feeling uninspired for you're next date night, take note of these chic outfit ideas for women over 30 that will make you feel hotter than you ever have before. Shop Now. You can, of course, wear the jeans that flatter you best. Sometimes less is more. Most of the shows we attend are during summer in South Carolina at outdoor, amphitheater-style venues. Lend a pop of color to your outfit with a pair of cheery, colorful boots, or hold your hair back with a vibrant bandana. R.H. Elias is a freelance writer, aspiring author, and freelance transcriptionist. Take in your consideration to take off your pieces of jewelry to avoid losing them in the water. Sexy Top + Pants + Boots. Its up to you to take it or leave it. Pair it with slim, dark jeans. A leather skirt is an attractive option, and you can pair it with a T-shirt. Here's everything you'll need. Why not wear that dress or skirt you've been dying to put on for months now? Boots. Thanks! Outerwear is a necessity: Recently, Ive been wearing Rains jackets for those inevitable summer downpours. If you are a minimalist at heart, you will have no problem bringing together a great fit. 1. Recreate her look with this similar tunic dress, leggings, booties and bag. Winter blooms your femininity in a very special way. Boot scoot the night away. Soon we will be enjoying the sunshine. White dresses are actually anything but simple. Though a concert is an exciting event, the idea that you have to go and find a whole new wardrobe just to put together an outfit is absolutely false. It is hot! Celyn Booties. Karen Millen suede moto biker jacket (similar here) Esenchel V-Neck swing tunic top Commando faux leather leggings Dunes moto boot Fossil Fiona small crossbody bag KLFrogPond long tassel drop earrings. You can also go for a tracksuit and athletic kicks for sportswear. Wear what you like, ultimately. You can never go wrong with a fresh pair of sneakers ($80) at a concert. The number one thing you need to have a good time at a concert is to arrive with a positive attitude. My most recent concert was Harry Styles, and while it was truly a life-changing experience, I also realized I needed some serious outfit-spiration to figure out just what I was going to wear. Its common for 30 plus women to wear these trendy pointed-toe pumps and kitten heels. Just because you are 40, 50, 60, or any age above that, it doesnt mean that you lose your love of music. FAHERTY DRESS (code MERRICK20 for 20% off) | ANKLE BOOTS | STRAW HAT Classical concert in the park Photo: Style du Monde. Here she does a mac over a dress with a crossbody bag., Style Notes: Another super simple way to dress for a UK festival? The top: Im all fora classic white T-shirt or a faded black tee. Flannel is a concert outfit staple that can work with a ton of different concerts, depending on the genre. 21 Own more than 5 ties Long gone are the days where the wide, brash, loud power tie reigned. From wavy to curly to straight shoulder-length haircut, you choose your favorite. Overalls are a cute alternative to jeans, but they alsohappen to be remarkably practical. Country music is most popular in the South of the USA, encompassing the sense of that beautiful region of country and folk music which has been incorporated in the songs. Grounded Croc-Embossed Leather Booties $208 If a stacked heel is more your style, try these black, croc-embossed leather boots from Aussie brand Jaggar. Briefly, Your age will force you to make some mandatory changes in your wardrobe. By continuing past this page, you agree to our Terms of Use. The best festival looks are equal parts practical and chic. You will likely need to take a bag with you. So weve rounded up a few of our favorite concert outfits and done the shopping for you. Style Notes:There's nothing greater than a truly simple but impactful outfit. Stuff your closet with various amount of tops and wide-leg trousers as much as you can. Its this specific season when we have to focus on our skincare routine and choose outfits that are comfortable. denim utility pants (similar here) - Vans low top sneaker - Trendeology leopard crossbody bag - Knotty drop earrings Be sure to triple check that you have your tickets when you leave home. Two of the most classic fabrics, denim, and leather are often perfect choices for any concert outfit because they have a slightly worn-in and rocker-esque feeling to them.

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